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Hotel Conversions Into Healthcare Facilities

Quality Healthcare Asset Management ("QHAM") team of committed healthcare professionals assists with converting Hotels/Motels into Assisted Living Facilities (ALF), Congregate Housing, and/or Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFE). We can assist with the conversion of any project from apartment buildings to warehouses. With the Baby Boomer population retiring and seeking long term care comfort and services, there is a huge demand for long term care facilities today. Now is the time to be a part of this process and still be a part of the hospitality industry. Some of the professional services we provide include the following:

5 Year Performance

We will drastically increase your ADR and Property Value. Our Consulting team focuses on securing your facility matrix and census/occupancy to maximize your financial stability and growth. We will provide a 5 Year Proforma that will outline your potential success.

Locating Financing

Financial assistance will be provided utilizing one of our many lenders. Our lenders are familiar with the Hotel Conversion Process, hence they understand the necessary variables needed to obtain loan approval.

County and State Licensing Process and Approval

Our team will assist with the licensing process and zoning process required to successfully convert a Hotel/Motel into a healthcare facility while meeting all mandatory state and federal regulations. Our Consulting team will identify and select (bidding process) an affordable General Contractor who is experienced with meeting ADA requirements and conducting Hotel Conversion Development Projects.

Calculator, Pen, and Paper

Policy and Procedure Development

We will develop and execute the necessary policies and procedures that are critical in operations of your facility.

Facility Staffing

Our Human Resources Consultants will advertise, interview and will assist you in the selection process for the ideal candidates necessary for the operations and management of your facility.

Business Marketing Plans

We will assist you from start to finish in the marketing process to ensure that your facility reaches and maintains full census/occupancy capacity.

Group in a Circle

Development of Complex Medical Systems

Our Nursing Consultants will develop and implement the most beneficial programs and systems that will increase the probability of your healthcare facility's success.

Operational Assistance

Our Operations Consultants have vast experience and knowledge in overall operations and management of various healthcare facilities.

Long - Term Management

At the clients discretion, we are available to conduct mock surveys of the converted healthcare facilities to ensure that all state and federal regulations are met and review possibilities for advanced systems to further exceed the needs of the residents. We will provide short-term and/or long-term management assistance to ensure that regulatory compliance is maintained.

Feasibility Study

Our experienced Consulting team will review and analyze the broad and local demographics of your facility vicinity. We will maintain the highest integrity during our review and will provide honest feedback of our findings.

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